Love On The Streets

This is Hannah and Chris they have been on the streets together for years and have a powerful love and commitment towards each other despite many obstacles in their way. They fight like every other couple and have their share of normal relationship struggles but despite not having shelter or food they persevere everyday. Chris plays the guitar and provides for Hannah by playing music on the streets and Hannah supports him in his endeavors. Aside from being homeless this couple is just like you or me in a relationship and through their struggles they continue to grow and prosper.

This shows that love truly cannot be restrained and has stood the test of time. When most women would run from a man like this Hannah embraces him and even though Hannah is unemployed and does not have a residence he loves and provides for her regardless of her status in society. With divorce rates in America being the highest among other developed nations and a society that praises having casual sexual relationships Hannah and Chris stand out among the others as an example of what to strive for in a relationship.

The point being is that we all want to be loved and to love someone so don’t sell short that person’s love even if they are not perfect or if they aren’t educated or have flaws. If you truly love someone you and the other person will do anything it takes to be with each other, making sacrifices along the way but experiencing the greatest gift that life has to offer is of greater importance in my opinion. This Huffington Post article talks about a homeless couple in New York and what they have to overcome to be together.

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