Carson Ross Norris: The Inspiration for Every Leaf a Flower

The idea for Every Leaf a Flower was inspired by the young man on the right in the above photograph came from a thoughtful quote taken from one of his songs he had written before his sudden death. The quote is a metaphor for how we should treat each other everyday, on a flower the petals are what people tend to focus on and the leaves and stem are seen as an after thought. For Carson the opposite was true, he believed that everyone was beautiful, talented and most of all loved to him every leaf is it’s own flower no matter how messed up or twisted you or others may see you.

Those same values are held with our organization, we see everyone as a valuable and worth our time, money and effort. Carson’s lyrics are a testament to what it truly means to love someone especially if that person was a stranger or if you may be difficult to approach. Carson was notorious for giving away his possessions to people who were in need and was a friend to everyone he came across. His father Paul Norris is a founding member of Every Leaf a Flower and moved from El Paso, Texas to Austin to continue Carson’s legacy of loving everyone and Austin has a great need for that.

Carson, was killed by a drunk driver leaving a Jack-In-The-Box with his fiancee Becka at the time, she sustained minor injuries while Carson died almost immediately on impact. I didn’t have the pleasure to get to know Carson but his father and brothers Mitchell and Luke have made a huge impact on not just my life but many others and we would not be able to do the work that we are able to do without them. This is the news story that the local paper ran about Carson’s accident.

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