Setting The Record Straight

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I wanted to emphasize something about our organization this week, it’s been on my mind and for quite sometime now and I feel like it should be put out there for the world to see. Every Leaf a Flower was built on the foundation that God is put first in our lives and that helping others on the streets and in the shelter is our calling. Now, that being said, we not only offer food, water and clothing but we offer prayer for all those that are less fortunate than us. Many people in the homeless community are very devout in their faith because God is literally the only thing that these people have. To be able to see people who have diseases, need surgeries and medications or haven’t eaten in days who are in tremendous suffering but are still able to find joy in their pain is an eye opening experience.

I also felt like I should mention that I myself was once homeless, only for a short period of time (about 4 weeks) and have had many friends who are or have been homeless and as I write these posts I do so with a sense of bias. Many people have never been exposed to large groups of homeless living around or near them or have not ever been to a homeless shelter so trying to convey the stories of the people I encounter can be difficult to understand. A lot of people question why homeless people became homeless in the first place and I feel like that only hinders our society’s struggle with inequality and bias. Who are we to judge another person? I myself have been arrested twice and was addicted to drugs and it made me into a person I didn’t recognize anymore, yet I had people who believed in me and never gave up hope for me. How can I not do the same for others in the same situation?

Think about this, there have been people who have told me that they were going to commit suicide the day I met them and I gave them was some water and a banana they didn’t want to commit suicide anymore. I know how that may sound ridiculous to some but it’s more than material things that changed their hearts, the food and water were just a perk of what we really have to offer and that is friendship and fellowship. If you are reading this right now in a grocery store, mall or at the gym, and you look at the people around you they probably look happy on the outside but one of them could be dying on the inside. You could be the difference in their life. With all the horrible things happening right now in the world we should want to make a positive difference to someone everyday and with homeless people having higher suicide rates than people who are not homeless we need to step up as a society and help our fellow man.


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