Sharing With Those Less Fortunate

This week I wanted to share a story with you about two friends of mine who took sometime out of their day to help someone who was less fortunate than them. People tell me sometimes that they want to help others but are apprehensive because they have had bad interactions with homeless people or maybe have a preconceived notion as to why they are homeless in the first place. I used to feel the same way, often I would roll my window up at a stop light to avoid talking to someone asking for change or would look the other way when a homeless man would try to have a conversation with me. After I opened up my heart and mind to them and gave them a chance to tell there story I realized that we were so similar in many ways! We felt the same things about a lot of topics and had gone through similar experiences in life.


Becki Hauentstein and Isaac Contreras were coming home from work one day and stopped at the gas station when they noticed a homeless man with his dog asking for some help. Becki personally believes in giving goods instead of cash to those in need and that’s exactly what they did, they gathered a bunch of dog toys and food and brought it to the man and his dog.”He was overjoyed” Becki explained to me, “tears were streaming down his face.” I want to point out that in this instance and many others, it wasn’t the physical things that were given to him that brought him to tears. It was the expression of compassion and love by the act of giving that made this person feel like someone cared.


Validation is what everyone seeks in life, whether it be from out parents, friends, or coworkers and when you live on the streets it can be very isolating and lonely. Most people living in these situations just want someone to have a conversation with, to feel human again, to be validated by another human being. Becki and Isaac could have just gone about their day, they were probably tired and wanted to go home after a long shift but saw someone else’s needs being met as something more important. I think we can all learn a lesson from them: even if you have had a bad day or things aren’t going your way, they will get better in time and thanks to people like Becki and Isaac there will continue to be light in people’s day. I challenge you to be the light in someone’s day, give back to those who have little and rejoice in the things you do you have because we don’t really know what someone may be going through and you just might be the difference they need in their life.

“For beautiful eyes, look for good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge you are never alone.” Audrey Hepburn


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