Front Steps Shelter: Making an Impact in 2017

helping-hand tumblr_static_front_steps_blog_header

This week I wanted to focus on another organization’s blog in order to shed light on other opportunities to engage and give back in your community. Front Steps is a non-profit homeless shelter located in between 7th and 8th street just a block from the nightlife of “dirty 6th”. Every Leaf A Flower has made this shelter the focal point of our work making it almost a hub for homeless people and charity groups alike. On their blog there are “person of interest” posts which tell the story of one person’s struggle through their journey of becoming homeless and eventually finding a home, much like my blog they focus on building up others in the community who have gone through an extenuating circumstance that resulted in them becoming homeless.

Front Steps Blog also has many community events that help raise funds and awareness for the shelter such as their “Drive It Home Golf Tournament” hosted by Avery Ranch or their “Lunch With Friends of Life Steps” where people from the community can interact with shelter residents over a nice lunch and get to know them as individuals which I believe is a key component to shatter the social stigma of homelessness. Also available on their blog are links to make a one time donation to the shelter or become a volunteer making it easier for people to give back who might be apprehensive at first. If you would like to give back and get involved visit to donate or to become a volunteer.

The only criticism I could give to Front Steps Blog would be their layout, while it doesn’t take away from the content, there doesn’t seem to be any structure or organization. You may have to spend some time digging around if you are looking for certain information, but their blog’s uncanny ability to show the reader how each person at Life Steps matters is unparalleled. From their posts on extraordinary volunteers, to their donation drives and events Life Steps Blog’s strong focus on giving back and showing love and kindness pushes readers to do more in their community. While their motto echoes in your head as your read every post,” Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.”


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