Connecting With The Community

My name is Joshua Lewandowski, I am a 27 year old student and I have a passion for helping people so much that I along with my mother have started a non-profit organization called Every Leaf A Flower. We go to the streets and hand out food, blankets, clothing and other goods to those less fortunate than us in order to help alleviate the struggle of living on the street. This topic has always been a passion of mine ever since I first went out with my mom about 4 years ago and saw hundreds of people living on the streets of downtown Austin. My heart broke for them and I went home and cried for hours at the thought of these people living and dying on the streets. I have vowed to do whatever I can and spend the rest of my life helping homeless people getting their life back.


This is Clay, he is a partially paralyzed homeless man with no job, family, friends or a home. He sleeps against a dumpster every night not because he can’t get into the shelter, but because he feels that others need to be able to sleep in the shelter. I want people to read this blog and really see these people as human beings with stories, memories and most importantly a heart. I think that if you actually spend time with these people and hear their stories you will find that all your preconceived notions will fall away, and the depravity of their situations will move your heart and your mind to transcend societies view of homelessness.

I want to start out this first post with a challenge to all who are reading, the challenge is this to go out and find one person to love. To clarify I don’t mean go out and love someone who you already love or already loves you back, I want you to find a stranger, maybe a coworker who you don’t get along with or the homeless man on the way to work who you drive by everyday and give them love whether that be a hug, some food, listening to them, being more empathetic the choice is yours. I guarantee that if you do this not only will you impact their life positively but yours will be impacted as well. Below is a link that will shed some light on how big of a problem homelessness is in Austin.



One thought on “Connecting With The Community

  1. Thank you Josh, for all you do and who you are. You inspire us and challenge us to be compassionate and understanding beings. Spread love ❤


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